Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fox & the Fleas

Some of you may have heard about my latest forays into animation- and yet, where is the proof of it?

 Here. Right here.

 This is the beginnings of a short I started work on in Senior Portfolio. It's been rough goings, having redrawn almost all of the animation I had at the end of the May, if not all of it. But each time I get to a significant point in the process(clean-up, tweening, color), I find a bit more satisfaction with it all. I've got a long way to go yet- even with what's here, I saw at least five things I want to change as soon as I started thinking about posting it.

 Please let me know what you think! I know the fleas could use some work, especially, where the first one lands, and I'd really like to go back through and break up the cycles so that each frame is actually hand-drawn, instead of perfectly repeated motion. Thank you for stopping by! Nyssa