Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Overdue

And I'm back again. Here I'll share a lot of the work I completed last semester, mostly from Digital Drawing. A lot of it is still what I'd consider a work in progress, so keep that in mind. And as I'm looking at it, some of the colors are a little funky too, most likely due to the fact that after my laptop's screen broke, I used an old CRT monitor that my parents had lying around.

Here, a movie poster:

An exercise on painting hair:
(I love the giant wacom tablets in the COAR labs! My linework is so much smoother! They really put my little 5x8 pad to shame :( )

A project designing the face cards of a specific suit. My theme was tarot, and obviously I decided on Hearts, or Cups. In tarot, the way a card can mean something completely different when it's placed upside down, so I wanted to illustrate that in my design. The differences are a lot less pronounced in the King and the Knight, and I think I would've liked to emphasize them a bit more. Aaaaaand I need a new design for the back. It was really strange- we were given the weekend to come up with ideas for the project, but the final due date was... two days after we got the idea approved. I really want to remake these at some point, maybe even completely redraw them; they could definitely use a bit of work in terms of uniting them stylistically.

Our last project in Digital Drawing was pretty relaxing though. The first stage was to come up with a bunch of logos:

The class then voted on a logo, and we made dvd portfolios, complete with a design for the outside of the disc, the box, business card(optional), and resume. I have to give credit to my friend Ada over in the graphic design department for critiquing my work, and telling me what to fix :)

And now, for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration. A combo of two Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Fragrance Storm and Warrior Returning Alive

Book cover for The Castle of Llyr, by Lloyd Alexander:
(This is right around the time that my monitor stopped working. Hurray.)

A character portrait, based off of The Fawn in The Decemberists' album, the Hazards of Love. I wanted to do something very different from my usual style, thus:

But I kind of just like the deer part:

Character sheet! I think I must have deleted the final image, but here's an in-progress image. It's the Golden Bird! He's about a foot tall, likes shiny things, and lives in Russia.

I'll be back at some point to post the stuff I've done over the summer. It's mostly sketches, but hopefully there will be designs for a game called Pai-Sho that a couple of the other counselors were working on turning into a Flash Game. I made them on a computer with CS4 and didn't save them correctly for CS3, so they're inaccessible for now. ::facepalm::


  1. I love the card designs! Those are so cool. If you really do feel so inclined to rework them one day, I definitely encourage it.

  2. I remember the castle of Llyr, evoked a lot of emotion from me when I was a child, the style you chose really fits the subject matter, great job! Nice rendering...

  3. Thank you, that means a lot coming from such talent. I really want to revisit it, I just haven't had the time...