Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Care Cup: Full!

It's been far too long since I posted anything on here. It's been a not-so-surprisingly busy semester, and coupled with a complete laptop screen failure, it's been difficult to find the motivation to move my laptop and 20 lb monitor to the scanner and sit for an hour and a half on the floor to scan everything in. That being said, I just about topped off my care cup and did it! So here's just a bunch of random crap I've done:

Everyone's favorite model, Sir Ben Sack.

Some Charlottesvillian power lines and Buster the mega-playful cat! And yes, he was still wandering his apartment, searching the walls for the laser pointer long after we turned it off.

A hyacinth I'm using as a model for the significant item in my character design. More of this later!

The only Yates you need to know.
(Okay, I'm running on coffee, my subtitles are not top-notch)

Quick brush pen self-portrait. Starting to like it a TINY bit more.

Niddhog. He's just one of those people.