Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Overdue

And I'm back again. Here I'll share a lot of the work I completed last semester, mostly from Digital Drawing. A lot of it is still what I'd consider a work in progress, so keep that in mind. And as I'm looking at it, some of the colors are a little funky too, most likely due to the fact that after my laptop's screen broke, I used an old CRT monitor that my parents had lying around.

Here, a movie poster:

An exercise on painting hair:
(I love the giant wacom tablets in the COAR labs! My linework is so much smoother! They really put my little 5x8 pad to shame :( )

A project designing the face cards of a specific suit. My theme was tarot, and obviously I decided on Hearts, or Cups. In tarot, the way a card can mean something completely different when it's placed upside down, so I wanted to illustrate that in my design. The differences are a lot less pronounced in the King and the Knight, and I think I would've liked to emphasize them a bit more. Aaaaaand I need a new design for the back. It was really strange- we were given the weekend to come up with ideas for the project, but the final due date was... two days after we got the idea approved. I really want to remake these at some point, maybe even completely redraw them; they could definitely use a bit of work in terms of uniting them stylistically.

Our last project in Digital Drawing was pretty relaxing though. The first stage was to come up with a bunch of logos:

The class then voted on a logo, and we made dvd portfolios, complete with a design for the outside of the disc, the box, business card(optional), and resume. I have to give credit to my friend Ada over in the graphic design department for critiquing my work, and telling me what to fix :)

And now, for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration. A combo of two Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Fragrance Storm and Warrior Returning Alive

Book cover for The Castle of Llyr, by Lloyd Alexander:
(This is right around the time that my monitor stopped working. Hurray.)

A character portrait, based off of The Fawn in The Decemberists' album, the Hazards of Love. I wanted to do something very different from my usual style, thus:

But I kind of just like the deer part:

Character sheet! I think I must have deleted the final image, but here's an in-progress image. It's the Golden Bird! He's about a foot tall, likes shiny things, and lives in Russia.

I'll be back at some point to post the stuff I've done over the summer. It's mostly sketches, but hopefully there will be designs for a game called Pai-Sho that a couple of the other counselors were working on turning into a Flash Game. I made them on a computer with CS4 and didn't save them correctly for CS3, so they're inaccessible for now. ::facepalm::

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Care Cup: Full!

It's been far too long since I posted anything on here. It's been a not-so-surprisingly busy semester, and coupled with a complete laptop screen failure, it's been difficult to find the motivation to move my laptop and 20 lb monitor to the scanner and sit for an hour and a half on the floor to scan everything in. That being said, I just about topped off my care cup and did it! So here's just a bunch of random crap I've done:

Everyone's favorite model, Sir Ben Sack.

Some Charlottesvillian power lines and Buster the mega-playful cat! And yes, he was still wandering his apartment, searching the walls for the laser pointer long after we turned it off.

A hyacinth I'm using as a model for the significant item in my character design. More of this later!

The only Yates you need to know.
(Okay, I'm running on coffee, my subtitles are not top-notch)

Quick brush pen self-portrait. Starting to like it a TINY bit more.

Niddhog. He's just one of those people.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Artless Post

Not looking forward to biking home in this rain. This is the purpose of this post.

Too many words, I agree.

I've been actively trying to improve myself and the work I'm putting out. It's finally starting to sink in that if this is going to be my career, I need to be BETTER. It started with Mallory Callan. I finally decided to risk rejection by applying for the scholarship offered through our department, and when I looked down at everything I had, my entire portfolio laid out on the floor, I felt entirely... underwhelmed. I had expected top be so much better by this point in my life, and yet some of my best work was still from several years ago. I felt like I hadn't improved.

My sketchbooks, at least, tell me otherwise. And I know one of the reasons my AP Art concentration still holds a valid place in my work is because it is so clearly something that is MINE. I was totally engulfed by it, and creating it engaged not only my sense of visual aesthetic, but also the written word, which I've been in love with for as long as I can remember. And beyond that, it incorporated the fantasy/science fiction genre I was raised into(Don't deny it, parents. Named after a character in a sci-fi show, was read Redwall and Heartlight as a child, where else was I supposed to go?), and a newly discovered knack for colored pencils, something very few people ever bother to develop. Viewed as single piece, I still find interest in it, and therein lies my problem. I need to move ahead.

In any case, I submitted my portfolio to the department. After a long and harrowing week, received my answer in the form of a poster on the fourth floor of Franklin Terrace, along with nine other recipients of the Mallory Callan Scholarship. It may have been one of the best days of my life, just a haze of euphoria.

Now more than ever, I simply want to do better. If I can't top myself, what on Earth am I supposed to do for the rest of my life?

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Season 3 of The Guild is up! Great internet show ...parody? Satire? Whatever it is, I love it.

And the snow is back. With my Friday class canceled, I managed to spend roughly 4 to 5 hours sketching in a coffee shop with some friends yesterday. To tell the truth, I'm pretty disappointed about Critical Game Workshop being called off; we only meet once a week, and thus far we haven't had a real class. I took a look at the 3-d modeling program Blender, and getting to know it is pretty exciting. It's nice to be learning something concrete, as opposed to the basic, subliminal kind of teaching happening within my classes. Shouldn't it be the other way around? What am I actually paying several thousand per semester for?

All complaints about my department aside, here's most of what I did yesterday:

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, time for the new post that I promised several weeks ago! I won't talk too much, because I bore myself but here are a few sketches I did over break(not by any means all, but the only ones I feel confident about).

Me in my winter clothes, aka hoody.

I do love owls.

Three guys who don't look like themselves!

Our first real project in Digital Drawing is to do a billboard for a popular soda, such as Coke, Pepsi, Vault, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper. I chose Vault, simply because I liked the color scheme, but there really isn't a lot of history to go on, seeing as how it just came out in 2005. So here are a few of my roughed out ideas for layouts and slogans. Please tell me what you think! I welcome criticism, and keep in mind these are working ideas at the moment.

(play off of the name, Vault)

(my favorite, because animals are more fun to draw than humans and I love silhouettes.)

(I'm fond of the slogan, but unsure of the execution. ideas?)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Aaaaaand, I'm back! It's just about time to start the semester, which makes it time to brush the dust off this little blog. Will be posting images from the break as soon as I get back to Richmond and my Fios connection. Thanks, and many apologies to my visitors over break; things will start to get interesting soon, I promise.