Saturday, December 12, 2009

Say what!

Finals week is always a little slice of hell for everyone, and this year was no exception. First off was my photography final, simply consisted of turning in a portfolio and critiquing everyone's in the class. It took us two whole class periods, and I was the very last one to go. I couldn't tell if my portfolio was actually decent, if people were just eager to leave, or if juxtaposing mine to the one before it ended in a fairly good critique. Probably a bit of both. Regardless, here are a few of my images:

The wind turbine pictures were taken on the way back from Thanksgiving in PA- Dad pulled the car over and I got to run around in my heels in the snow taking pictures of them- there were at least 20 or 30 visible!

Next exam was computer science, which I knocked out on Monday. Tuesday meant that Judgment Day had come to my Painting and Drawing class. Our last project was an illustration of an article that had to fit the dimensions of the photo already associated with it. We basically only had two paintings to turn in for the portfolio review, as well as our sketchbooks. I realized later that mine featured a lovely drawing from the discussion we had about our ideas for the final; one girl's was about all the hidden horrors of cruise ships, including whales getting stuck in propellers. Thus:The dolphin part is a complete fabrication. To my knowledge, Flipper was never dragged mercilessly into a cruise ship's propellers, despite what Ben suggests. In any case, this was my final painting, of a wolf in sheep's clothing. I need to work on controlling my values, but it was still a lot of fun to paint.
After that particular hurdle was cleared, my only task was to create my artist's tool belt for concept drawing! This was particularly challenging given that the last time I had handled a sewing machine was somewhere in the vicinity of 2001, and it was for no more than a half an hour. On top of that, one of the fabrics I was working with was vinyl, which is very thick. In any case, I worked as much as I could from tuesday afternoon right up until half an hour before my exam. My room had already been a disaster zone from my painting project, and adding lots of fabric and thread did not help in the slightest. While cleaning up afterward, I found a total of 6 needles, 17 pins, 1 crumpled staple, and zounds of thread and fabric. It was a bit of a nightmare. Still, it turned out well enough since he wasn't grading based on craftsmanship. Hurrah!

In completely different news, my new hobby is It mimics the look and feel of the popular, where anyone can open up a shop for a small amount and sell... basically whatever they feel like. The founder of Regretsy basically finds/is sent some of the weirdest items being sold on Etsy, and posts them to Regretsy. The comments are priceless. The set-up might seem a little cruel, but the sellers often benefit from the attention and have even been known to sell out their entire shop. The Say What! man has become a well-known figure on Regretsy, and I have to admit, he holds a special place in my heart.

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