Sunday, November 8, 2009


So I've been pretty lax about my blogs lately, and I apologize. But it's Sunday, and I intend to make up for it with some brand new-ish, random sketches! Here they are, along with my take on "despair" for photography:

"Home Means Drawing My Cat"

"I Always Thought Little Kitten Would Look Better in Green"

New Sketchbook!

"Sterling's Lecture"

"Williamsburg Coffee"
So this sketch was actually a lot of fun. I decided to get out of Richmond for a day and catch a ride to Williamsburg with my brother. I started out drawing Colonial Williamsburg witht he best of intentions, until I realized after an hour and a half that it was friggin' cold out. So I made my way to Aromas where I had agreed to meet my brother, ordered a pumpkin pie latte, and set about drawing a full spread. Usually I give up after about half an hour of wonky pen lines, but I decided to power through this one. The missing bits are where people decided to stand the most. It was actually a lot of fun to listen to the conversations of the people around me, especially the guy next to me who was doing his best to entertain a foreign couple with his painfully boring stories. He would start out promisingly enough, talking about his trips overseas, but instead of focusing on... well anything else, he decided to talk about his indidestion for a good 20 minutes. It was probably a good thing the woman didn't speak much English. She seemed pretty entertained watching me draw and glare at the people who were standing in my way. I would look up from my picture and she would make eye contact. We would smile, and then when I looked past her to draw the stuff behind her, she would turn around in her seat to try to see what I was drawing- this whole exchange happened a good seven or eight times, mind you.


And of course the project he assigned us after this one was an anti-smoking image. Thanks Tim, it's not like I just took 50+ pictures of discarded, wet, cigarette butts from the smoking patio of my building. *shudder* I scoured my hands clean afterward.

By the way, Lily Allen is supreme.


  1. these are really cool and i dont think that the last one was sketched but on the other ones i like how you can't see the strokes of the pencils and colored pencils

  2. Oh, no pencils or colored pencils were used. I've been drawing straight in pen. And yes, the last was a photograph :)