Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clickety Cricket

Due to the fact a good half of my classes for next week are canceled, I decided to do a little bit of recreational drawing. I started working on a conceptual self-portrait in photoshop, which has been interesting, since I rarely do digital work anymore, and hardly ever completely from scratch. Here's what I have so far:
"Cricket: A Street Rat"**
In reality I have a lot more of the body sketched out, but I haven't been doing well at figuring out the anatomy in my head, so I might have to take some reference pictures. It's nowhere near finished, but I felt like I should have something to show for today.

And here's a bit of what I have to show for yesterday. I'm working on getting sketches down faster, which means a lot of excess line work. Does it make sense? It really shouldn't.

"Carrie's Face Moves FAR Too Much"

"Attack of the Block Hands!"

**My camp nickname over the summer was Cricket. Since I decided to go hobo-queen all over this self-portrait, what better way to pay tribute to one of my favorite characters in Always Sunny? I'll give Mr. Detwiler total credit for making the connection.

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