Thursday, October 8, 2009


I want to preface this post by stating that I just had a starbucks mocha doubleshot, so if my diction is a little erratic, I apologize in advance. I also think that I have a latent case of dyslexia, because lately I've been unable to type words with any kind of consistent correct-ness(<--this is a prime example of caffeinated diction). For example, the first time I tried to type the "also" in the previous sentence, I spelled it "laos" and when I noticed and changed it, I spelled it "alos." I suppose (formerly "suppse") third time is the charm(I had a lot of trouble (aka troule)(also, when I tried to spell "troule" I typed "trouble") with that last sentence. Typed "is" as "it", and so on and so forth. I believe you get the picture). Nayways(was supposed to be anyways, but I think I like "Nayways" better), I'm going to blame it all on my absence of a "g" key- it's totally throwing off my typing habits. Except that my brain just told me to spell habits as "hapits" and "habbits" respectively, before it got it right. The sad thing is, I'm not exaggerating at all. But it's time to move on. I just finished an assignment for my painting and drawing class. We were supposed to take a well-lit(originally "wee-lit") photograph of someone and use it to draw their portrait for an hour. Then, we were to put away both the reference photo and the drawing, and try to draw from memory for half and hour. Then, flip over that drawing and draw from memory for 15 minutes, then 7, then 3.5, then 1.75, then 45-30 seconds. It was surprisingly fun, at least after the first few. Once I got down to seven minutes and beyond, the facial equivalent of continental drift started to become increasingly evident in each subsequent drawing, and facial features just started to go the way of atlantis, i.g. disappearing completely, until on the 30 second drawing, my roommate's face consists of half a forehead, two sketchy eyes, one and a half eyebrows, and one very jolly cheek. And an amusing nose. You just start to lose inhibitions as the time starts tickicking(<--I now firmly believe that should be a word) away faster and faster, and by the end, it's just fun to look at the sad progression from person to floating features.

Photography was surprisingly extra fun today! My professor, Tim, brought in his equipment and we learned about "painting with light." We transformed the critique room into a studio as dark as a very dark studio(<-I've been reading Terry Pratchett) and took pictures with small apertures and very slow shutter speeds. I think my favorite photos were those taken with flash(not the built in kind). You had to start taking the picture before the flash went off, but the shutter is open for so long that it records black until the flash fully illuminates the subject, thereby effectively capturing a single moment in time. So much fun!
Long shutter speed, moving light, directed by Tim, illuminates the model.

Directional external flash.

Two external flashes with yellow and red gel filters applied. Also, Tim decided that Kendal should hold random styrofoam boxes. She did a really great job incorporating them into her poses.

Taken in between poses.

Kendal has the best poses! Make sure to visit her blog at

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hello all! As I promised, here is the 6 foot self-portrait I did in charcoal. The assignment was to basically just to a giant sketch, the "sketch" part of which I only found out after I started shading.
I think it turned out all right, and by all right I mean it somewhat resembles me. Hurrah! Now I just need to start pumping these suckers out every weekend and I'll be on track.

I've been at a loss for what to do with my spare time. I know I should be creating portfolio pieces, but lately I haven't had any great ideas for portfolio pieces. So I started thinking about it more last night and I decided to start creating creatures. My first thought was to go on wikipedia and pick an animal, then click on random article until two more animals came up and BAM, I'd find a way to combine the three. It sounded like a great plan until I discovered that animal articles are few and far between. But as I surfed, I got sidetracked, and easy thing on wikipedia, and ended up reading about Thunderbird mythology from the Pacific Northwest. It was fascinating, and I soon found myself following other related threads on everything from the Simurgh, Fenghuang, and the garuda. So I abandoned my previous plan, and am now set on a different track; creating concept drawings for mythological creatures, preferably some of the lesser known ones, though I do intend to hit on the phoenix and gryphon at some point. Hopefully, I'll get to about one per week- and if I don't, I welcome complaints.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Desperate Housewives Break

I think Twitter is shaping the way I write. I now feel like I need to cut down everything I have to say to be short and succinct, which isn't always a bad thing, but it's not necessarily a good thing either. More later? Probably not. I'm currently watching Desperate Housewives, which is definitely one of my most guilty indulgences.
New round of sketches- this week's assignment was to draw ten animals. I also discovered the joy of colored pens. Will be putting up some documentation of my 6 foot self-portrait once I, erm, actually document it.