Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Over the summer, I worked at a camp at William & Mary with 4 other people who I got to know rather well. It was a a surreal situation; my director, 3 other coworkers and myself basically became the parents of 19-36 different kids every week for 6 weeks out of the summer. You would get to know some of the kids so well, just to see them leave on Friday, know you'd probably never see them again. That wasn't always a bad thing- there were definitely some campers you weren't sad to see go, but there were also the kids you wished were your little brother or something. We always joked about having a "Counselor's Pick" week, where we could choose all the best campers and screen the rest out. Seriously though, that would be amazing. In any case, in the course of this job I got to know my coworkers fairly well, which included hearing endless amount of stories and bits of trivia from my loquacious director. One thing in particular has stuck with me; his theory on awkward silences. He claimed he'd read somewhere that awkward silences were actually thought to be an evolutionary holdover from when we were still prey. If one person goes quiet, that becomes a kind of signal that something is up to the people around them, and thus silence descends as you listen for anything out of the ordinary. So now whenever there is an awkward silence, I always pause to listen and wonder, "...Tiger?"

Lately I've been doing... not so well in terms of motivation. Which is ridiculous, since I absolutely love about half of my classes, and am fond of the teachers in the other three. More later?

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