Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, the other day, I had my laptop on my lap and my sketchbook on top of that for the purpose of animal sketches. I set my sketchbook down for a second on the keyboard, leaned over to take a drink, and when I picked up the sketchbook I heard a very ominous "CRACK!" I looked down to see that the "G" had completely parted company with my keyboard. I found it and tried in vain to reconnect it, but it refused to snap back into place. I can still type G's by lifting up the key cover(which just went flying off again) and pressing the plastic button underneath but this makes me extremely uncomfortable for some reason(maybe because it feels like my computer dies each time I do so) and I'm going to do my best to avoid doin' so, even if it means replacin' every "g" I can with an apostrophe. This is goin' to be tough. I'm already annoyin' myself.

I have nothin' else I want to say, mostly because bein' jeeless is drivin' me crazy. Will post some sketches at later bar, night or day sometime.

I'll bake cookies(or some other delicious type of baked good) and give you one if you get that reference!


  1. you are now going to be very aware of how many words you use actually have a "g" in them. par example, "great googly moogly"

  2. I know! Way more than I thought- I actually have the "g" copied and I paste it every time I want to use it. ghetto, I know.