Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mullet Madness

I've been utterly failing at this "a post per day" deal, so this is my attempt to get back on the wagon. Or off. Whichever one works.

What's new? My brother finished his trek home on Saturday afternoon, and I went home too to see him. He spent his summer in California working as a Wildland Firefighter for the government. He has plenty of stories to tell, but what had the most impact on me when I first saw him was the striking resemblance he held to Sawyer, from Lost. Shocking, since I'd never seen him with hair longer than my own. I should have expected it, taking into consideration the distinct lack of hairdressers in the middle of the desert. Even so, I was even more mortified when he told me his ambitions concerning a new haircut did not include something crisp and clean, but rather a mullet.

"......," I said when he proposed this idea to me.
"But mullets are so awesome!" he replied to the look I was giving him.
"Nate, awesome is not the word I would use."
"But it would be so great, everyone would know me as the mullet-man at Drexel."
"Speaking as someone in college at this moment in time, I don't think this would be a good thing."

I thought I had convinced him to drop the idea, although he brought it up hopefully throughout the rest of the weekend. But to my utmost horror, I received a picture-text with him proudly showing off a mullet of magnificent proportions. I have no further details as to the status of his haircut but I am dearly hoping that this was a simple pit-stop on the way to a clean-shaven head.

In other news, I have a new addition to my plant pets. One of the first things my dad asked me when I got home was, "Do you want an avocado tree?" One had apparently sprouted from our compost pile, the result of a summer full of guacamole production. I'm frankly surprised there haven't been more, considering the amount of guacamole my dad makes. He used four avocados this weekend alone for guacamole(a cup of which I got to take home to Richmond! Highlight of my LIFE). My father is a cooking fiend.

I think that's all for this morning. Now, back to forms in Web Design. Hoping I don't fall asleep on this beanbag.

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